SFCT will open Monday 3 May at 0700 AM. Appointments are required for all truck transactions

Please help drivers with dual transactions by merging the dropoff and pickup appointments together. Open this link for instructions to merge two appointments: https://a5k1x6.axshare.com/merge_appointments_intro_-_miami.html

Monday 3 May 2021 – Appointments required for truck transactions.

SFCT APPOINTMENT SYSTEM ‘TermPoint’ – Register Now! 

Your Trucking Company must register at: https://termpoint.apmterminals.com 

Or contact: (866) 855-8552 or TSC@apmterminals.com for registration assistance. 

System is live and Dispatchers can start making appointments now. If you need any training or have questions please do not hesitate to call the TSC, or email them, they are manning the phones and the email to assist.

Termpoint Guide - Click here